Muslim Divorce

In Muslims, mutual divorce is an act of parties. Both husband and wife can dissolve their marriage by executing any of the below mentioned mutual agreements:

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Khula: Under this, the wife agrees to give the consideration to the husband about her separation from the marriage union. Leaving the husband from making the payment of Mahr to the wife is also one kind of a consideration.

Mubarat: Under this, both wife and husband are not ready to live together anymore and want to get separated as soon as possible dissolving the marriage. The husband or the wife, either of them can make the offer and the other spouse must accept the divorce proposal.

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“In order to get Divorce decree through a family court, a case under Section 2 (ix) of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage act, 1939 is filed after the execution of Khula or Mubarat.”

How much do we charge for the entire process?

We charge a total fee will be Rs 40,000/- as follows:

  • Rs 10,000/- advance for drafting the mubarat/khula affidavit & case file
  • Rs 10,000/- at the time of execution of mubarat/khula
  • Rs.10,000/- at the time of filing of case in the family court
  • Rs 10,000/- once the divorce decree is provided

What documents are required?

  • ID/Address proof of Current address and/or Adhaar Cards
  • Original and copy of Nikahnama
  • Conversion certificate (if any of the parties got converted)
  • 1 pp size photo of both
  • 1 joint marriage photo