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When it comes to filing for Divorce, the very first step is - Hire the most skilled Divorce Lawyer to discuss your case. Mutual Divorce Online is Mumbai's most promising Law Firm, specialised in Mutual Divorce cases. We save your Time & Money and get you Divorce Decree at the earliest.
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In order to initiate the Mutual Divorce process, you can also fill-out our Online Divorce Form.

Documents required for Mutual Consent Divorce

  • Marriage Cards or Marriage Certificate
  • Two Joint Marriage Photograph
  • Two Passport Size photographs of both parties
  • Adhaar Card and/or any other current address proof of both parties

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Fees For Mutual Divorce In Mumbai

Unlike any other Law Firm in Mumbai, here you pay the Fees in 4 installments. We charge a fees of ₹40,000 only (inclusive of everything) as follows:
  • Stage 1

    ₹10,000 to begin the process
  • Stage 2

    ₹10,000 at the time of passing of first motion
  • Stage 3

    ₹10,000 at the time of passing of second motion
  • Stage 4

    ₹10,000 at the time of handing out the Divorce Decree

Best Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai

Are you looking for the best Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai?
Family Court Mumbai was established with effect from 7th October 1989. It began with 5 Courts initially and during May 1995 6th and 7th Court operations started. Family disputes like Mutual Divorce are filed in the Family court of Mumbai. The outcome of such legal matters is directly associated with the Lawyer who represents your case. Therefore, it is crucial that one must hire only an experienced divorce lawyer.
Mutual Divorce Online has a reputation of delivering 100% success rate especially when it comes to Mutual Consent Divorce.

We have some of the best divorce lawyers in Mumbai, highly skilled in Family matters like Mutual Consent Divorce, Contested Divorce, NRI Divorce, Muslim Divorce and Child Custody. We practice and represent our clients in the Mumbai Family Court
To discuss your case, simply fill-out the above contact form or give us a call at +(91) 9654-355-275 (between 10am to 7pm).

With Mutual Divorce Online Team by your side, you don’t have to be worried about filing paperwork, visiting courtroom or any other tons of formalities required to start the process. We ensure minimum court hearings and make divorce decree available to you at the earliest. We ensure hassle-free divorce process by the best divorce lawyer in Mumbai and help you get Fast-track Mutual Divorce from Mumbai Family court.